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Logo Design

Unveiling the unexplained

We were thrilled to be hired by Brittny & Chelsea to design the logo for their podcast, Cocktails, Conspiracies & Crime. This project was a new and exciting experience for us, pushing our creative boundaries to capture the unique essence of their show. The podcast, where two best friends live together, drink together, and discuss intriguing conspiracies and true crime, needed a logo that encapsulated its lively and mysterious spirit.

To bring the podcast’s theme to life, we included extraterrestrial objects, a cocktail glass with olives, and some gory elements, creating a vivid representation of the show’s eclectic mix of fun and chills. The extraterrestrial objects hint at the mysterious and otherworldly conspiracies discussed, while the cocktail glass with olives adds a playful and social touch. The gory elements introduce the thrilling and chilling true crime stories that Brittny & Chelsea share every week.

We are proud to have delivered a logo that perfectly reflects the dynamic and captivating nature of Cocktails, Conspiracies & Crime. Join them every Sunday as they mix their cocktail of the week and share a crazy story!

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