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Lona Lucci


What We Did
Logo Design

The Nordic Visionary Brand

Lona Lucci is a Swedish, visionary eyewear brand that embodies boldness and creativity. Known for their vibrant and innovative designs, they are dedicated to providing eyewear that combines style with functionality.

Goal & Outcome

Lona Lucci aimed to set themselves apart with a responsive logo that captures their vibrant spirit and innovative approach. The objective was to design a logo that conveys their commitment to boldness, sophistication, and modernity. The new logo ensures clarity and impact across all devices, maintaining a consistent and memorable brand identity.

What We Did

The logo is a creative representation of the initials “L” and “L” for Lona Lucci, designed to resemble a Nordic symbol and encapsulated within a hexagon. It communicates the brand’s Scandinavian-inspired elegance and innovative spirit. The logo icon is a key element of the brand’s visual identity, seamlessly integrated with other design elements such as bright colors, patterns, and icons.

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